What We Do

Our range of Corporate Services

What we do

From our Dubai office, we offer financial and residency planning solutions and company administration services across the UAE, Cyprus and Switzerland. We design bespoke solutions and execute them on behalf of our clients ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience for them. Our services extend beyond the initial transaction as we continue to manage all the administrative, statutory and financial requirements on an ongoing basis.

Company Formation

From our Dubai office, Loggerhead Corporate Services will arrange the full legal set up and establishment of companies across the jurisdictions where we operate.

Company Administration Services

Our company administration services look after everything to do with the ongoing maintenance and management of our clients companies.

Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus Investment Program grants full Cypriot Citizenship to those who invest a minimum EUR 2 million into the country for at least 3 years.

Cyprus Residency

Cyprus remains an attractive destination from a residency perspective, benefiting from a warm Mediterranean climate and convenient location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Succession Planning Solutions

Through our in-house team, and partnerships with reputable tax advisors, we help our clients safeguard their business and personal assets by offering the most appropriate succession plan option.