Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Loggerhead Corporate Services (Loggerhead Corporate Services is the trade name of Loggerhead Management Consultants, a company incorporated in the UAE under the laws and regulations of the Dubai Economic Department) respects the privacy of visitors to its website and ensures  the protection of their privacy. Loggerhead Corporate Services treats the personal data it acquires via this website or collects for purposes of promoting its products and services with all due care and caution and complies with all the stipulations of the law which apply.


Loggerhead Corporate Services uses all personal data solely for the purposes as described in this Privacy Statement. In this Privacy Statement we explain how we deal with personal data we acquire via this website, unless otherwise specified.


Collection of your data

Via our website:

On the Loggerhead Corporate Services website, you may subscribe using your email address to the monthly Loggerhead Corporate Services newsletter and other mailings and invitations to events. This is based on a so-called ‘double-opt-in’. Aside from this, there is also the possibility on the website of completing a contact form on the basis of which questions may be asked to an employee of Loggerhead Corporate Services. A visitor to the website may also indicate on the contact form that he or she wishes to make an appointment with an employee of Loggerhead Corporate Services or receive documentation from it.


If you make use of the foregoing services provided by Loggerhead Corporate Services on its website, you are asked to provide Loggerhead Corporate Services with your email address, name, address and phone number. This information is used for the following purposes:

-Informing you about products and services provided by Loggerhead Corporate Services;
-Sending out the Loggerhead Corporate Services newsletter and other news updates;
-Communicating with you when requested to do so;
-Providing data to third parties on the basis of the provisions and stipulations of the law.


We may also ask you for information about your work. This information is used by us to gain a clearer picture of our customers and to develop our services and our website further and amend it to meet your personal preferences.


If you no longer wish to receive information from Loggerhead Corporate Services, you can indicate this by communicating with our administration via or by de-registering or unsubscribing from our email newsletter via the link in the footer.


For promoting our products and services:

Loggerhead Corporate Services’ business is mostly based on a B2B model and we may collect your name, business email address and phone number, company name and corporate title for purposes of contacting you, via email or otherwise, to promote our products and services and explore potential collaboration opportunities between Loggerhead Corporate Services and your company. We source this data from publicly accessible sources and we collect only the absolute minimum of data we need to promote our products and services and improve our communications and marketing process.


If you no longer wish to be contacted by Loggerhead Corporate Services, you can indicate this by communicating with our administration via or by de-registering or unsubscribing from our email newsletter via the link in the footer of this newsletter.


Provision of your data

Loggerhead Corporate Services shall not provide third parties with your data without your prior permission to do so, unless bound to by law. Loggerhead Corporate Services may provide (a part of) your information and data to enterprises which are affiliated with Loggerhead Corporate Services. Loggerhead Corporate Services reserves the right to provide (a part of) your information and data should ownership be transferred of (a part of) (the activities of)) Loggerhead Corporate Services, for example due to a merger or take-over by another enterprise. Loggerhead Corporate Services shall do its utmost if your information and data is provided to an enterprise which takes-over Loggerhead Corporate Services’ activities or merges with Loggerhead Corporate Services to inform you about this, for example, by posting a notice on the website. Under no circumstance will we share your data with people that do not have a legitimate interest to process it for any of the purposes stated above.



On our website we make use of tracking cookies which are stored by your browser on your computer. Information is also stored in these cookies (such as the settings on your PC and your preferences) to expedite your subsequent visit to our website.


That information has no name and address information or other personal data, such as any credit card data you have provided us with. You may set your browser in such a manner so that during your visit to our website you do not receive any cookies. Or you can use the cookie opt-in to the right of the website in which you can indicate that you do not accept tracking cookies of the Loggerhead Corporate Services website. In this case, you may  not be able to make full use of all the facilities offered by our website or you may not have access to specific parts of our website.


Amendment of your data

If you wish to know which contact data we have recorded about you via our website, and wish to amend, remove or protect such data or delete the personal data collected for purposes of promoting our services and opt-out of any future communications falling within this scope you can communicate with our customer service department via


Loggerhead Corporate Services will decide on any such a request made by you within 4 (four) weeks having weighed up the interests at stake on the part of Loggerhead Corporate Services and your interests in maintaining your privacy. Should a decision be made to protect certain data or remove it, we shall inform you of the extent to which this may affect the use of our services?


Protection of your data

Loggerhead Corporate Services ensures that use is made of suitable technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data against loss and against any form of unlawful processing. Loggerhead Corporate Services retains your personal data for the period that is required in all reasonableness to correctly perform the services it offers and facilitates.


Responsibility of Loggerhead Corporate Services

The Loggerhead Corporate Services website also contains hyperlinks to the websites of third parties. Loggerhead Corporate Services is not responsible for the compliance on the part of those third parties with privacy legislation.



This Privacy Statement may be amended. Amendments made in this Privacy Statement shall be made known on this webpage. The current version was last changed on August 14, 2018.



If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or about our privacy policy, please send us an email at

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