Webinar: Incorporating the UAE into your Corporate Structure

Webinar: Incorporating the UAE into your Corporate Structure

Loggerhead Partners, in collaboration with our strategic partner, JC Corporate, are proud to have successfully hosted a webinar on the advantages of including the UAE solution in your corporate structure.

The webinar, hosted on Friday the 3rd of April 2020, tackled a number of pertinent issues that affect todays “global citizen”. The keynote address was given by Marios Kalochoritis, the Managing Partner of Loggerhead Partners.

We list below some of the questions answered during the webinar:
– What is Fiscal Residence? What is Citizenship and how is it different from Nationality?
– Between Citizenship and Fiscal Residency, when is one preferable to the other? Why doesn’t a second passport solve one’s tax situation and confidentiality concerns?
– What does Fiscal Residency in the UAE entail? How does it compete with other low or no-tax jurisdictions (in terms of substance etc.)?
– How do the increased transparency and numerous compliance requirements in the tax and banking world impact high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs throughout the globe?
– How can people who are actually non-residents in the country they are called to pay taxes in ensure that the information exchanged through the Common Reporting Standard is not misused?

Other prominent issues of discussion were on optimizing tax, protecting confidentiality and preserving wealth, particularly through the use of UAE structures, both for individuals and corporates.

Overall, the webinar was a success and we anticipate more of these to come in the future as we continuously seek to bring insight and value to our associates.

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