UAE among best countries to move to for expatriates

Based on an expat survey report was released last month, UAE is among the top 10

The 2018 report released by HSBC is based on a survey of 22,318 expats based all around the world and measures each country on various factors including salary, overall well-being, well-being of children, risk of financial issues and more.

While money is a definite factor for people to move to new countries as expats (two-thirds of expats globally get an extra US$21,000 annually on average in equivalent jobs after the move), the report also looks at human-interest and life factors.

10. United Arab Emirates

It’s hardly surprising that UAE has been featured in the best of this list given that more than 70 per cent of the residents here are expatriates.

The UAE rewards those who work hard, but do expats come for more than just the money?

Far more expats than the global average are working full time in the UAE – an impressive 80%. While 46% came to progress their career and 38% to improve their quality of life, the most common reason for a move to the UAE was the chance to increase their earnings (55%).

The financial benefits of a new life here can be substantial. Those working and earning here say their income has increased by 40% on average compared with 25% for expats globally. More than a fifth even say it has at least doubled since the move.

And though job security is a concern for around two in every five expats here (39%) the knockon effects of their salary boost are dramatic. Two thirds say they have more disposable income now, despite a high cost of living. Eighty-five per cent have used the extra cash to improve their longterm finances – paying off any debts and building up savings.

9. Taiwan

Most Taiwanese expats are from North America (53 per cent) and Europe (20 per cent). While ranked ninth overall, Taiwan ranks third for the ‘experience’ category. This includes physical and mental well-being, ease of integ

ration and positive work-life balance.

8. Switzerland

Ranked first for ‘economics’ based on financial security, personal finance and career goals, Switzerland is rated high for boosting income. While cost of child care is a common issue for expats, most people move there to improve earnings and quality of life, as well as to progress their careers.

7. Sweden

According to, a website dedicated to prospective expats, people move to Sweden for a balanced yet prosperous life that combines liberal values, cultural respect, modern technology as well as closeness to nature.

6. Australia

Another high-ranker for ‘experience’, Australia’s expats think the country’s great for maintaining physical health. The country also has a higher percentage of elderly expats in the age group of 55 and above, which adds to the realtively high number of retired expats (17 per cent) living in Australia.

5. Bahrain

It’s not the first time that this Middle Eastern nation has been so high on expat wish lists. Offering good earnings, ease of intergartion and friendly people, Bahrain is also touted as a great place to raise a family.

4. Canada

45 per cent of expats in Canada are in the age group of 55 and above, and 26 per cent of the total expat population are retirees. In another high, 63 per cent of expats own property in the country. Most people gave a better quality of life as a key reason for choosing Canada to move to.

3. Germany

Germany isn’t the easiest place to move to on a whim as knowing the language is not only a plus, but in most cases a requirement for gainful employment. However, quality of life, physical and mental well-being and other life factors are some of the best ranked in this European nation.

2. New Zealand

While New Zealand ranks low on social life and savings (in comparison to other factors), the country is best-liked for its safety rankings, financial security and quality of life.

1. Singapore

Expats in Singapore commented that the nation offers the best opportunities for career growth, however, it ranks lower on work-life balance. Most expats move there for career progression and a better quality of life, and hence, the country ranks third in the ‘economics’ category offering financial security, savings and other finance factors for life.

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Source: Gulf News