New Strategic Alliance: Loggerhead Partners and Arkananta Vennootschap, Indonesia

Strategic Alliance: Loggerhead Partners and Arkananta Vennootschap

Dubai & Indonesia – August 2019 – Loggerhead Partners, as part of its continuous efforts in developing its global network as the UAE-focused corporate structuring experts of choice, are very pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Arkananta Vennootschap, a full-service boutique law firm located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Through this strategic alliance, Loggerhead Partners continues to expand its reach and client base into the fast-growing economies of Southeast Asia and extend the availability of its products and services to the Indonesian business community. In parallel, partnering with Arkananta avails to Loggerhead’s existing clients’ base a trusted partner for their legal needs in one of the leading developing countries of the region. With an extensive knowledge and experience and clients ranging from multinational corporations to small family-owned businesses, Arkananta Vennootschap offer expertise in Litigation and Arbitration, Corporate, Commercial and Employment Law, among others.

Marios Kalochoritis, Managing Partner of Loggerhead Partners comments:

“We are very excited to partner with Arkananta Vennootschap and build further on what we think is already a valued relationship between the two companies. Arkananta and its partners perfectly fit the profile of associates we decide to partner with; knowledgeable, pragmatic, ambitious, trustworthy and client-oriented. Having the right partner right in the heart of Jakarta, helps us in better serving the international legal needs of our existing clientele and in expanding our presence in the vast Indonesian market and Southeast Asia in general”.

Valery Sarumpaet, Co-Founder of Arkananta Vennootschap comments:

“In this era of interconnection, to be adaptable is almost impossible without interdisciplinary-wide collaboration. We believe partnering with Loggerhead will bring more values and opportunities to the table, this is one way service companies such as ours can broaden our service offerings and meet more business demands. Our existing clients or anyone eager to explore more business opportunities in UAE may take the comfort in knowing that we are associated with partner that has already proven themselves in UAE community.”

Alfin Sulaiman, Founder of Arkananta Vennootschap comments:

“I believe that success in most aspects of life comes down to one’s ability to build meaningful relationships, personal and professional. This alliance with Loggerhead is just the appropriate example of us living by to that principle.”


About Loggerhead Partners:

Loggerhead Partners is a multi-disciplinary advisory and management solutions firm operating from offices in Dubai, Nicosia and Zurich. Loggerhead Corporate Services is the Dubai-based, specialized entity advising and executing corporate structures with a focus in the UAE. Loggerhead promotes the UAE residency scheme and assists business owners and wealthy individuals in selecting the right structure for their corporate and wealth holding plans. Having a rich experience in the country, a deep understanding of the banking system, the local laws, the culture and how internal processes and people function, Loggerhead optimizes the international wealth planning situation of its clients all the while ensuring a smooth and worry-free UAE experience for them.

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About Arkananta Vennootschap:

Arkananta Vennootschap is a full service boutique law firm located in Jakarta, Indonesia. With an extensive knowledge and experience in Indonesia’s legal issues in the various fields of law, Arkananta is in a position to provide bespoke legal services tailored specifically to each of their client’s needs. Their experienced partners and lawyers have previously worked at some of Indonesia’s most prestigious law firms, represented multinational companies and dealt with extensive areas of legal issues including handling several major disputes in Indonesia.

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