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Welcome to Loggerhead Corporate Services

Loggerhead Partners is a provider of ‘multi-family office’ services including, estate planning, transaction advisory, corporate structuring and tax planning. Loggerhead Corporate Services is its Dubai-based specialized entity advising and executing corporate structures with a focus in the UAE.

Our approach and solutions are tailored to the client’s exact unique needs and involve most of the times a UAE entity structuring, residency planning and all auxiliary services that go with it.

We are focused on the UAE as this is where we see most of the value coming for the type of clients we work with. It has a unique zero-tax regime, it is welcoming of foreign residents, it has a real trade economy, a solid banking system and a stable political structure that promotes economic development and allows for swift decisions. Our unparalleled expertise and solid presence in the country, allow us to better support our clients, address the unexpected incidents and as such offer a positive holistic experience in the country. Our services include not only the one-off company setup, but also handle all the logistics and successful ongoing management of the assets and client’s affairs for the life of the structure and beyond.

Our clients value quality, reliability, confidentiality, excellent service and the peace of mind they get in knowing that we will be there to take care of their entire business and family affairs for as long as they want us to.

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Our Services


We offer financial and residency planning solutions and company administration services across the UAE, Cyprus and Switzerland.

Company Formation

From our Dubai office, Loggerhead Corporate Services will arrange the full legal set up and establishment of companies across the jurisdictions where we operate.

Company Administration Services

Our company administration services look after everything to do with the ongoing maintenance and management of our clients companies.

Succession Planning Solutions

Through our in-house team, and partnerships with reputable tax advisors, we help our clients safeguard their business and personal assets.



We share with you our insights on topics inspired by the conversations we have with our clients and associates as well as recent developments in the industry.