Company Administration Services

Our service delivery is the prime tenet of our business philosophy which is why we offer our clients everything they will need to incorporate and maintain their company across any of the jurisdictions where we operate. Where possible, we execute all of our services in-house to ensure that we maintain our commitment to a quality service offering. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an initial private consultation.

Bank Account Opening & Management

When incorporating a company, it is necessary to open corporate and, oftentimes, personal bank accounts. Loggerhead Corporate Services facilitates the opening and maintenance of personal and corporate bank accounts through our network of contacts across all major local and international banks. We are also well networked with top Swiss Private banks should additional wealth management be required.

UAE Residency Visa Management

Once a Residency visa has been issued through the formation of a Free Zone or Onshore company, this must be renewed every 3 years. Loggerhead Corporate Services will handle the entire visa process on behalf of our clients from first-time issuance to renewal.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

In the UAE, it is mandatory for most Onshore companies to prepare and submit audited financial statements. For selected Free Zones, audited financial reports are lodged at the time of company registration and yearly renewal. Loggerhead Corporate Services provides tailored, multi-currency bookkeeping to streamline businesses operations and accounting requirements.


The UAE government mandates that all employee wages must be paid through an electronic salary transfer system known as WPS (Wage Protection System) which ensures timely and correct payment of agreed wages. Our payroll services ensure that, no matter the jurisdiction, the execution of monthly payroll is implemented in accordance with UAE labor law.

Statutory Requirements Management

In the UAE, the documents required to submit and maintain will vary greatly across the three jurisdictions (Onshore, Free Zone and Offshore). Loggerhead Corporate Services assists clients with the drafting, completion and maintenance of all statutory requirements in line with the relevant authority’s guidelines and protocols.

Attestation & Legalization

The UAE government mandates that all official documents and professional certifications be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to obtain a residency visa. Oftentimes, documents will require additional attestations from government agencies or embassies in the applicant’s home country. Loggerhead Corporate Services assists clients with all necessary attestation procedures.

Company Liquidation

In the UAE, once the decision has been made to close a business, it is essential that all business licenses and permits are cancelled, irrespective of the jurisdiction. By informing the relevant authority or government entity that a company has been liquidated, the owners safeguard themselves and all other stakeholders from potential fines and penalties on their business license.

Treasury Services

Our in-house finance team assists clients in building their business through a comprehensive range of treasury services designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce running costs. These services include settling outstanding bills or invoices; arranging and making all external payments; liquidity management services across global accounts; and reporting services to identify and negotiate preferential FX rates and assist with capital management.


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