About Us

About Us

Loggerhead Corporate Services is the Dubai-based specialist Corporate Service provider of Loggerhead Partners. We advise and guide our clients on how to establish presence and benefit from the jurisdictions in which we operate. In the UAE, we are focused on promoting the zero tax regime and all associated fiscal advantages. In Cyprus, we leverage the extensive double tax treaty framework and, in Switzerland, the impeccable reputation of the Swiss State and its financial services.

Our bespoke approach to company formation and residency planning allows us to align solutions to the client’s exact needs, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience. Our services extend beyond the initial transaction through the ongoing management of all administrative, statutory and financial requirements. Our experienced team’s comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach is done completely in-house, resulting in a higher value service for our clients.

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Our range of Corporate Services include:

Company Formation

Residency & Citizenship

Company Administration Services

Succession Planning Solutions